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Duct Cleaning

Dust, debris, and allergens collect in your air system ducts, and every time the air flows through, those contaminants are carried into your home and may go into your lungs. Serna Services Air Conditioning & Heating cleans your air ducts and helps protect your health.


We use a HEPA-AIRE vacuum to loosen particles in the ducts and then extract, collect, and remove the contaminants from your interior space. The process reduces odors and re-establishes clean airflow throughout your HVAC system.

Protect Your Health with Thorough Duct Cleaning

Duct replacement available

Although a thorough cleaning is usually sufficient, if your duct work is damaged or severely contaminated, replacement may be necessary. We also offer an annual maintenance for your HVAC needs.


Let us perform an inspection and determine the health of your HVAC ductwork. Our team has over 15 years of experience and we're good at working with customers like you to find an agreeable solution.


Clean the air in your home or business

Duct Replacement

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